Commonly asked questions, answered here!

What is FuelMe?
FuelMe is a gas station on wheels. We deliver fuel directly to your car on-demand. By requesting fuel from the FuelMe app on your smartphone, we get the GPS coordinates of your car and bring out a certified fueler to fuel up your tank.
How do you access the gas tank if it’s locked?
In the FuelMe app we remind all customers to leave their gas tank caps cracked open and accessible for our certified fuelers each time they request fuel. If you do forget to unlock access to your gas tank we will send you a text message or email should our certified fueler arrive and is unable to fuel.
How much do I have to pay?
We take the average price per gallon of gas in the zip code your car is parked in and offer you a lower price per gallon. We charge a small delivery fee with each request.
What gas types do you offer?
We currently offer regular and premium unleaded gasoline. We will support diesel and other fuel types as demand dictates.
Is it quality gas?
Yes, it is the same fuel you get from your nearby gas station. We contract with commercial fuelers to provide the best quality fuel.
What times are you open and available to fuel up cars?
This depends on the location. Currently we are predominantly servicing corporate clients during regular working hours. 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
How long does it take to get fueled up?
It depends on the location and demand. We do ask you within the FuelMe app to give us the estimated time your car will sitting idle at the given location. Our goal is to have your car fueled up before you leave for the day.
How will you find my car?
When you request fuel from our FuelMe app, we receive the pinpoint GPS coordinates of your car’s location. Our certified fuelers will then be able to get to the area and locate the car by the make, model, color and license plate for confirmation.
What if my car is parked in a parking garage?
When requesting fuel, you will have the option to provide us with the specific garage level in which your car is parked. Once we have that information and the GPS location of the garage, our certified fuelers will be able to locate your car based on the make, model, color and license plate.
What if you can’t find my car?
In the event our certified fuelers cannot locate your car we will notify you via text message or email stating so. You will not be charged if we cannot locate your car.
Is it safe to drive around with so much gas?
We meet and exceed all safety regulations and requirements. All of our tanks are Department of Transportation certified and all of our certified fuelers hold Commercial Licenses and Hazmat Certifications.
What if there is bad weather?
Rain or shine your car will get fueled. Unless we cannot reach your car, rest assured it will be fueled up. If we can’t get there we will notify you via text message or email.
How do I know I’m getting exactly how many gallons I paid for?
All of our meters are NTEP certified, meaning we meet very strict calibration requirements set by the government. All of our meters are inspected annually to make sure they are accurate.
What if a fueler hits my car?
All of our certified fuelers are trained extensively on fueling cars and operating these special vehicles. We also have cameras on all vehicles so we can eliminate any uncertainty pertaining to collisions. In the unfortunate event that we do hit a vehicle we carry multiple insurance policies to cover any damages incurred.
What if I have to leave after requesting fuel?
As long as your vehicle hasn’t been fueled up you can cancel the request at no charge to you.
What happens if you have a gas spill or leakage?
In the unlikely event that a spill or leakage occurs, our certified fuelers have all the necessary equipment and are trained with the right procedures to minimize damage and quell any situation.
How do I pay?
During initial registration you are asked to enter your credit or debit card information. Once you’ve done that, you click the request fuel button and the rest is on us. All of your credit card information is stored with your bank and credit card companies, not on our servers.
What information is needed to register?
You can register with an email address or Facebook account. In addition to that we’ll need your phone number, car information and credit or debit card number before you can request fuel.
Can I specify how much gas I want?
Currently we only offer full fillups. Like a typical gas station we will fuel your car up until the nozzle clicks.
Do you offer any other car services?
At this moment we are focused on perfecting the fueling process and the fueling process only. We have a couple of neat ideas for future expansions.
Where can I download the FuelMe app?
Right now FuelMe is available on iOS and Android. In the future we will look into more platforms.
How many cars can I add per account?
You can add as many as you want, and the same car can be under different accounts as well.
How do I get a receipt?
We keep you informed throughout the fueling process via email, text or push notifications, and as soon as we are done fueling your car you will receive a receipt via email.